Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

For a large amount of people I know this year has been especially difficult. There are still people in my community that do not have a home for Christmas because of Hurricane Irene. My prayers go up to God to give these people peace, hope, love, and joy despite the hardships they are enduring.  There have been death of loved ones, sickness, and too many problems to count, but even though it seems that there is no hope at times, at this time of year we need to realize that hope is there in the form of Christ!

That is what Christmas is all about. The HOPE of Christ! The LOVE shown in his birth! The JOY of knowing he is with us at all times and everywhere! And the PEACE that He will always see us through the hard times!

Please remember Christ this year for it is Him that is the greatest gift of all! When you are opening presents or if you are unfortunate not to have boxes to open, remember that there is one gift given to each and everyone of us that is not wrapped in pretty paper and bows. It came in a plain packaging. In a lowly manger. And was crucified for our salvation. That gift is Christ Jesus!

Please, I pray, don’t forget to accept the single most important present of all time. Salvation! It is yours for the taking. All you have to do is accept it. And in doing so may you have the best Christmas ever and truly experience Joy, Peace, Love, and Hope!

Joy to the World for the King of Kings is born!!

Merry Christmas,

In His Service,

The Faithful Geek


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Thanksgiving from The Faithful Geek

Praying HandsHappy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope your day is blessed abundantly and may the Lord renew your heart today and always!


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

I have so very many things to be thankful for each and everyday.

Thank you dear and gracious Lord for all of the blessings you bestow upon me. Thank you for my readers. Please bless them and keep them safe in this world of chaos. Help them to recognize all of the things you do. Thank you for giving me this outlet, dear Lord, to be able to reach the hearts and minds of people across the world with the word you have so graciously bestowed in my heart and mind. Thank you dear Lord. Amen.

In His Service,

The Faithful Geek

Walking In Faith On A Four-Lane Road

The most interesting faith moment came to me today while driving to pick up my daughter from school. You see, I was driving along on a four-lane section of a small town and when I glanced up there was a very large man walking straight down my lane towards me! I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment. Cars were all around and here was a man taking what seemed like a stroll right down the inside lane. My lane! As I slowed down on my approach toward the man he didn’t even look over his shoulder when he casually moved into the center turning lane.

At first I was appalled by the audacity the man had as if he was more important and all these huge cars and trucks should just clear the way for him. You see, around the area that I live people constantly stand in the middle of the road or loiter on the sides of the roads. Usually it is on the side roads that they do this. The man walking straight for me while I was driving made me stop and think that it must take some kind of blind faith to just casually stroll down the road the way he was doing today. I could imagine that in his mind was the lack of thought that someone might hit him or that he could be hurt. When I remembered all of the others that stand in the road I suspected they also had some kind of blind faith in drivers that I just cannot comprehend.

And then it struck me…. Wow! What faith! If I could only have that type of faith when walking through life! Jesus is always with me, this I have no doubt, but to walk among the obstacles of life in the same manner that that man could walk among the cars and trucks today, now that would be truly awesome! To not look over my shoulder when I should enter the turning lane but just simply take that step forward on nothing but faith that God will protect me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do think that the man today was acting foolishly and was in serious risk of getting hit, but just try to think of that kind of faith applied to our walk with Christ. We could all learn a valuable lesson in the act of a foolish mans stroll if we just think about it in terms of faith. Do you have that kind of faith? I pray that my faith will continue to grow so that I can walk with Christ through life just like the man walking down the four-lane was today. No thoughts of worry, no thoughts of fear, but just putting one foot in front of the other no matter what obstacles lie before me because I know Christ is with me and will see me through life’s traffic jams.

Thank you for allowing me to share this time with you. I pray that you have found some value in this post and will click on the links below to share this message.

In His Service,

The Faithful Geek

Sunday School Lessons From The Faithful Geek

Some of you may know that I am an adult Sunday school teacher for my church. Well, I have had it laid on my heart to start up a series of pages for my Sunday school lessons.

In my church we use the LifeWay Explore the Bible series of Sunday school learners and teachers guides. All of the Sunday school lessons will be based upon the scripture readings found in this series however you will not need a booklet in order to follow along but just simply your Bible.

I will begin tomorrow by uploading the first lesson in the 3rd Fall unit called “Do You Live By The Good News?”  This first lesson will back track somewhat by starting with the October  30th lesson. I will try to also add the current lesson of November 6th so you shouldn’t have that much catching up to do! :)

In order to make sure the lessons are easy to find and read through in order I will be listing them under a special page called “Sunday School Lessons from The Faithful Geek”. Within this page there will be sub-pages listed by date and title.

From time to time I may post some little tid-bit from the Sunday school lessons but will include a link to the proper page for further reading.

I would love to hear your comments about the lessons, or any post for that matter!

I hope you enjoy the new series of lessons and find something valuable within each one. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment by clicking on the comment link below or email me at

In His Service,

The Faithful Geek

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Reduce Stress Through Faithfulness

So many people run into challenges and problems in their lives that they become overwhelmed and downtrodden. A death of a loved one, a recent injury, loss of a job, or a multitude of even smaller problems all contribute to our stress level and our outlook on life. The magnitude of the situation usually does not matter. The loss of a pet can be just as devastating to some as the loss of a job or the loss of a husband or wife to others. We are also often influenced by the stress of others. By that I mean that we are empathetic to others problems and thereby take their stress upon ourselves in the form of worry.

Many times we end up reacting to stress by blaming others, ourselves or even God or the Devil. Pushing the blame off on someone or something else is often a producer of more stress instead of making us feel better. Sure, blaming someone make make us feel better temporarily, but once we realize that the blame is put out falsely then we often carry the burden of guilt of those false accusations.

So, how do we alleviate stress? There are many, tons even, of self-help gurus out there willing to tell you how to alleviate stress by taking long walks, reading a book, getting plenty of rest, the list goes on. And while these things can be helpful they don’t address a person’s inner core beliefs which affect how certain situations can bring on stress in the first place. You see, most of us are affected by challenges or problems by the way we view them. For instance, one person may look at the loss of a job as devastating and think there is no hope for their future which is a very stressful situation for them. On the other hand, a second person may look at losing a job as an opportunity to find a better job or change careers and this creates less stress for them than the first person.

This is where faithfulness comes in to play. Faithfulness or the degree of our faith can affect the way we perceive adverse situations. Different types of faithfulness have different types of effects on stress, however today I will be addressing Christian faith in the term faithfulness. In the Christian faith we believe not only that Christ died for our sins, and that we will have everlasting life through faith in Him, but we also believe that Christ is always with us. Knowing that Christ is with us everywhere we go, day in and day out, gives us the knowledge that we are not alone. We also know that Christ said that He will see us through the storms (problems), but please remember that He never said that he would prevent the storms.

Now if we understand that we are not alone, and that Christ will see us through the storm, then this in turn gives us hope that we will be alright. We can depend on Christ as our support group to help us deal with stress. We can talk to Him through prayer, we can even scream out our frustrations to Him. We can live with the knowledge that God will provide what we need. This is not to say that He will provide what we want. That is a big difference. In knowing that He will provide what we need it takes the edge off of the stress level we may be experiencing.

In order to reduce stress we must first and foremost listen to what God is trying to tell us. We must keep working to improve our current situation, but in a manner that we are being Christ-like. And we must have the type of faithfulness to know that no matter what we are experiencing that we will make it through. The sun will still rise in the morning. This type of faithfulness can reduce stress with the knowledge that Christ knows our pain, He knows what is best for us, and He is always there for us to turn to.

Reduce your stress through faithfulness today. Know that God loves you and even though you are experiencing what seems like too much to handle, you can handle it, you can make it through and there is always God’s silver-lining. Start counting all of the blessings you do have in your life and if you honestly count them, you will begin to see that God does take care of us.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please share the knowledge by clicking on the links below. I pray that you (yes you!) experience a day of peace and blessings.

In His Service,

The Faithful Geek


Don’t Blame The Cookies

Did you know that those little things called “cookies” on your computer are not really as evil and bad as people think? I found it quite interesting when studying for a recent Javascript class in college that a “cookie” is just a text file. In and of itself it can do no harm to your computer other than taking up space. It is what the site that originated the cookie does with the information stored and retrieved in the cookie that gets you in trouble.

You see, cookies are used as a storage file to contain information you have entered into various forms and sites you have visited on the Internet. Cookies are then retrieved by the site and used to do things like automatically fill in information or save user names, etc. The problem with cookies is the way they are used after being retrieved. The mass majority of cookies are useful to the average user. If cookies are enabled then you won’t have to fill out as much information when completing forms on the internet or sites will be able to ascertain your log-in identity.

On the contrary however, be aware of what sites you are visiting and what that site may do with the information they receive from the cookies stored on your computer. You may not want to let certain questionable sites place cookies on your computer. To be able to utilize cookies to your advantage you can set up how you would like cookies to be handled within your web browsers tools or options settings. In most of the popular browsers you can specify what sites can place cookies on your computer and which sites should be blocked.

In Internet Explorer you can set the cookie options by clicking on the following: Tools – Internet Options – Privacy (tab) – Sites. This option panel will allow you to choose which sites you would like to block and which you would like to allow cookies for.

In order to set the cookie options in Chrome click on the following: Wrench Icon (upper right hand corner) – Options – Under the Hood – Content Settings – then under the Cookies label click Manage Exceptions.

For more information please visit This site is a great resource on information about managing cookies.

I hope this has helped you to understand a bit more about computer cookies. If you like this post please share the knowledge by clicking the links below. Remember, don’t blame the cookies!

The Faithful Geek

Earn Facebook Credits The Easy Way

By request of my Gardens of Time friend, here is some information on how to earn Facebook Credits to trade in for Gold on Gardens of Time Facebook game. Many other games use Facebook credits also.

Win Facebook Credits at!

What are Facebook Credits? They are a type of currency used on Facebook to purchase items in some of the most popular Facebook games. For example in Gardens of Time (my favorite Facebook game) you can purchase Gold by using Facebook Credits and in turn the Gold is used within the game to unlock various chapters or to buy special items.

The site 4Loot gives you an easy way to earn Facebook Credits. All you have to do is search the Internet through their site and you earn coins to purchase Facebook Credits. The registration is free and they do not ask you for credit card information! They have other ways to earn coins also such as viewing short videos or answering the daily quiz.

Check them out by clicking on the banner above.

Hope this helps my Garden friends. If you like this post please share with your friends by clicking the buttons below.

The Faithful Geek

The Devil’s Playground Used Against Him

How often do religious people propose that the Internet, especially social networking sites are the “Devil’s Playground”? That nothing good can come of being on those sites or the Internet? Well, I am here to tell you that yes, the Internet and social networking sites can be a playground of sorts for the evil minded, the manipulative and the ungodly. However, didn’t Christ himself break bread with thieves, miscreants, and the like? Yes, of course He did. Christ didn’t come to this world to just visit and socialize with those who were already righteous! He came to lead by example to ALL people and to save those who did not deserve salvation.

Are we to partake in the evilness that surrounds and abounds on the Internet? Well of course the answer is a astounding NO! But that does not mean that we cannot be on the Internet or social networking sites and use that environment to our advantage to uphold the kingdom of God.

God sent us out into the far corners of the world to spread the good news. What better way to reach a broad range of people from all over the world than through the Internet. The Internet brings opportunities to connect with others in more ways than most people realize. Social networking sites are just one way to reach out to people.

I am not talking about preaching constantly to everyone you meet or bombarding people with a pushy attitude that they have to believe in Christ or else because this can get some disastrous results and actually push people further away from Christ. What I am talking about is making a difference in people’s lives by way of demonstrating how a good and faithful person lives. What better testimony is there than to simply show someone kindness like Christ showed others?

We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is not to mean just the person living next door. Neighbors are everyone across the globe. They are anyone that we come in contact with no matter what their beliefs. The parable of the “Good Samaritan” shows that even though Samaritans were despised by others they were still deserving of kindness in God’s eyes (Luke 10:30-37).

We need to step onto the “Devil’s Playground” and show even those who don’t deserve it the type of kindness Christ gave us. Even as Christians, or faithful believers we don’t deserve the precious gift of salvation any more or any less than anyone else. Just think of how much better this world could be if everyone showed others kindness. We all, no matter what our faith is in, can make a better world by just demonstrating love, kindness and understanding in a world filled with the desperate, hopeless and lost. We can use the “Devil’s Playground” against the wicked, cruel, and vicious because by mingling with the miscreants we may be able to show them just a little piece of hope, or plant that one little seed that may bring on a life changing difference in their life.

One warning, however, is that we must stay on our guard not to fall prey to the evilness that surrounds the Internet. We cannot be convinced that we can play on the playground in a manner that is not Christ-like. We must simply be there to display the goodness and graciousness that Christ gave us. Use the “Devil’s Playground” against him by showing the Christ within you to all of your Internet friends. You may just be well surprised by how many opportunities will come about to spread the gospel.

I pray that this post has either inspired you or has given you a new perspective on using the Internet for God’s work. If you like this post please be kind and share by clicking the links below.

In His Service,

The Faithful Geek


Random thoughts of a Teenager!!

I must say, thoughts of a teenage girl can be quite entertaining. Take for example while I was working my daughter was in “visiting” me and randomly sees a smiley face on my bulletin board. “Man, I wish I could smile that big!” was all she said. It would be so nice to have a break from everyday life stresses like that.

Maybe, that is exactly what the doctor ordered. Just let go and have the mind of innocence revived! Work, school, just life, whatever stresses you out needs to be put on hold for just a moment of peace now and then. I’m not talking about spacing out all the time, but just giving your brain a break.

We could all learn a serious lesson from the random thoughts of a teenager. The carefree mindset that everything can be funny. That life even with all it’s drama is just that, drama. The only reason we are bothered by the drama of everyday life is because we let it get to us.

Take a moment, reflect that life is what it is and we can only change our future. What’s done is done and if you have faith, God can see you through to a better tomorrow. Try to see if you can really “smile that big” and notice how much better you feel.

They say laughter is the best medicine and I believe that to be true. Make sure you keep your heart young and stay in tune with your inner teenager with all those wonderful, inspiring, funny and carefree random thoughts.

I would love to see comments on what kind of random thoughts make you smile. Please spread the smiles and random thoughts through Facebook, Twitter or whatever method you choose by clicking the buttons below.

Have a great and wonderfully random day,

The Faithful Geek :)

After Effects

Flood waters from Hurricane Irene August 27, 2011
Well the waters have receded, but the after effects remain. Thousands of people have lost everything in the wake of Hurricane Irene. We are in the process of finding funding to replace our home so I may not be able to write often.  Just like so many others in this area, FEMA is not helping and there is no flood insurance so the burden of rebuilding or replacing rests on our shoulders. The picture was taken about an hour before the flood waters reached their peak. Here in Pamlico county there are areas where only a few houses were unaffected. Please keep the affected families in your prayers and thoughts.